Friday, 6 June 2008

Two - (06/06)

Just two days and counting - Well the screw arrived safely from Germany on Wednesday and is being stored and will be transported by road to Union Road to arrive in good time to be lifted down into the Torrs on Sunday morning.

The big task today was to carry on working on building the piles of railway sleepers and the creation of the ramp which some time next week will allow the screw to be moved to its final resting place.

Normally this would be done via a large crane, but due to weight restrictions on the bridge into the Torrs we have had to resort to more 'traditional' methods of moving 11 tonnes of steel - it will be slowly wheeled on its giant go-kart towards the concrete pit as I like to call it - this is about 10 feet deep but has been made level at the top end with ground level to allow the screw to be wheeled into position where it will then be held by an A frame whilst one pile of sleepers is removed then allowed it to be slowly manoevred by heavy duty winches that have been bolted to the concrete floor.
Below we can see some of teh 150 plus railway sleepers that have been used - each one has had to be craned into place and then takes two men (or women Yvette) manoevre into the final position.

Heavy duty winches that will be used to manoevre the crew

The ramps start to take shape

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