Thursday, 12 June 2008

22 degrees exactly - (13/06)

Well what a busy afternoon and evening its been - hopefully a few of you had opportunity to see the screw being winched down the ramp made of wooden railway sleepers and continue its short trip down the concrete slope to now rest at an angle off 22 degrees and where it will live for at least teh next forty years.

The pictures above and below show the start of its journey which started at around 5:30pm this evening and finished just before 8:00pm - that's about 10fph (feet per hour).

Great physical efforts by the team again today with safety being paramount with so much heavy lifting equipment, weight of the screw, pressure points at various areas of the frame - nothing whatsoever can be taken for granted and nothing was.

With the team having worked 11 days without a rest - many of those days running into 10+ hours and some with starts as early as 5:00am - tomorrow will be seen as a well earned rest day.

Monday will see many more tasks starting but surely not as demanding as the last five days.

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