Sunday, 3 March 2013

AGM - 2013

New Mills School students present 'Solar Schools'

A fine day for an AGM, although the several dry days leading up to 2 March also meant that Archie woudl not be running for the Open Day planned for the afternoon.
Will Griffin tells all about 'Sticky Exhibits'

A good turnout listened to a summary of the previous year at Torrs Hydro - our best year so far had resulted in a £16K profit and agreement from the shareholders that £2K should be made available for funding local community projects.

The meeting also voted in two new Directors and bade farewell to Will Griffin who has been a Director for the last two years.

Throughout there were many well thought out questions for the Directors to answer from the shareholders

The stars of the show where New Mills School students who presented their Solar Schools Project to the AGM with great style.

A good turnout for AGM 2013