Saturday, 28 April 2012

Open days

Some great turn outs in our last couple of open days, March a beautiful sunny day nearly 21oC and April a bit of a wet miserable day - we had walking groups, picnickers, shareholders, environmentalists and lots of people just passing through and finding us by surprise - it was great to meet you all.

Next Open day is Saturday May 26 : 1-3pm, come and have a day in New Mills and stop for coffee and cake in one of our fine coffee shops.

Plastic river

It really is amazing and disappointing the amount of bottles that flow through the Hydro - when Archie was paused briefly earlier in the week because of high water it was easy to see the sea of plastic which will head down the River Goyt into the River Etherow then the River Mersey and then the sea where they will take 100's of years to decompose.