Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fishing at 8:00am on a winters monring

A great sighting and very good pictures, taken this morning by one of the Torrs Hydro volunteers (David King) of a young cormorant feeding off the rocks near to where the rivers Sett and Goyt meet at Torrs Hydro - the young bird obviously knows a good spot to fish when he see's one as it's also a favourite spot for local anglers - but not at 8:00am on a cold winters morning !

You will often see cormorants with their wings outstretched (as in the picture below) - they do this to dry their feathers out, as despite being a diving bird their feathers aren't very waterproof.

If you have any other finds of flora or fauna pictures in the area please feel free to send them to

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Hydropower - a guide for your community

An excellent guide has been produced to help groups considering similar projects to Torrs Hydro - follow this link for further details