Tuesday, 1 March 2011

United Utilities - report

A short summary from the United Itilities drought report for 2010

Last year the North-West experienced the driest start to the year on record. As a consequence reservoir levels in the North West declined rapidly between April and June leading to UU to implement a hosepipe ban on 9 July 2010 and to apply for drought permits at four sites (Ennerdale, Windermere, Rivington and Longdendale) to prevent stocks depleting further.  Following this in July the North West received 190% of the long term average rainfall (1961-90) and in August we also received 89% of the long term average rainfall.  This heavy rainfall led to the recovery of the Cumbrian reservoirs. 

The hosepipe ban was therefore removed on 19 August and the drought permit applications for Ennerdale Water, Lake Windermere and Rivington were also withdrawn.  Reservoir volumes in the South of the region remained below average and the drought permit for Longdendale was granted by the EA.  This however was not used due to further recovery in reservoir volumes.  

Overall 2010 was the 3rd driest year in our records.