Monday, 25 May 2009

Something fishy down at Torrs Hydro - (26/05)

Well if proof that the fish pass at Torrs Hydro is working was ever needed then take a wander down there early evening around 6:00-7:00pm and stand on Smith Bridge (the wooden one) and look straight down on either side and you will see lots of large brown trout (some as big as 8-10 inches in length).

Look directly down from the bridge and you will see them happily swimming against the flow of the river and frequently jumping from the water to catch flies.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Archie goes Arty - (23/05)

As part of the Derbyshire Open Arts exhibition Torrs Hydro are playing host to a local artist who will be displaying two pieces created from 'found objects' dragged out of the river by the intake to the Hydro.

The driftwood and bike tyre have then been transformed and will be on display at Torrs Hydro over the Bank Holiday weekend.

You can pick up a brochure from the New Mills Heritage Centre or follow signs from the Bus Station to see lots more from New Mills Artists 

Bank holiday forecast - (21/05)

With some good rain earlier in the week Archie is expected to be spinning this Bank Holiday weekend and with 'torrential rain expected late Monday/early Tuesday he should be near to maximum output by the middle of next week.

Below are Ann Harding and Chris l'Anson from Settle who hope to soon be starting the build of their own Archie some time early summer -- we wish them good luck and look forward to providing them with advice and guidance throughout.

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Why isn't Archie spinning ? (17/05)

Well those walking through the Torrs this weekend will have noticed that Archie has been very still - lack of rain during the week and Saturday has meant not enough water to start producing electricity.

The forecast for Sunday afternoon and the start of next week is good from Archie's point of view (so don't forget your brolly) so we will try and start up at 6:00pm this evening - water permitting !

Monday, 4 May 2009

A good read - (04/05)

A book by the David MacKay, a physics professor at the University of Cambridge, setting out our climate change / energy needs options based on a clear scientific analysis.

The book has gained rave reviews (The Guardian, The Economist etc) and it can be accessed for free too; I have downloaded a copy and am very impressed.

David JC McKay Sustainable Energy - without the hot air