Saturday, 7 June 2008

The Big Lift - (07/06)

Well its taken almost 18 months to get to where we are today.

A long journey which will over the next few weeks give our town of New Mills a unique place in renewable energy history.

But for now lets concentrate on an important milestone within the project - the lowering of the Archimedes screw from the Union Road bridge down into the Torrs.

The weather is set to be nice and sunny so grab your camera and go watch a piece of history in the making - remember 8:30am Sunday 8 June.


Frank said...

Congratulations! Abig thank you to all involved.

Sean Whewell said...

Thanks Frank - stick with the blog, theres lots more to happen before we start to actually generate electrcity and lots more that Torrs Hydro New Mills will be doing in the near future.