Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Five - (03/06)

With the screw now secured to the HGV, the route back to the UK planned and site preparation continuing as the big day looms even closer we start to look at the big day itself

Volunteer Marshall's were briefed at the Town Hall last night and everything is coming into position for Sundays Big Lift.

Later in the week we will post a list of good vantage positions to watch the lift from but for now here's brief itinerary for Sunday :

7.30am Road Closure at Union Road Bridge - no access to public
8.00am Ainscough Crane arrives at Union Road Bridge
8.30am Archimedean Screw arrives
9.00am Ainscough Crane starts Big Lift
9.30am Ainscough Crane leaves
9.30am Union Road re-opens

Later this week the remaining shuttering will be collected and the fish pass will be assembled.

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