Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Four - (04/06)

Just four days until The Big Lift and our Archimedes screw has passed through Germany and is carefully making its was across France/Belgium to be shipped across the channel to head North towards New Mills.

In the picture below Sean from Construction Projects, (who have been performing wonders on renewing the existing stonework on the river wall is on the scaffold.

The Turbine outfall is being worked on here, making use of the good access provided by the concrete trough -this will allow a digger to get in and work in the river below the weir- which is usually very inaccessible due to the river being bordered with high retaining walls all through the Torrs. This opportunity will be lost once the turbine arrives on Sunday, so it is a high priority to finish this particular work by Saturday.

This will involve further removal of bedrock to dig out into the river bed, to give a smooth exit to the water and allow maximum power to be derived from the turbine. The construction of the stone arched outfall using original stone will occur after the turbine moves to its final position, the wooden former for the arch was shown earlier on the blog - it's has been christened the 'pig ark' for the time being.

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