Monday, 9 June 2008

Slowly does it - (9/6)

Those that have passed through the Torrs today will have seen the 12 tonne Archimedes screw being slowly manoeuvred from its overnight resting place into the site compound.

A combination of muscle power, steel rails, JCB's and some ingenious engineering which started at 5:00am this morning have made this happen - the balmy New Mills weather has made working conditions on the site today somewhat hostile, hopefully tomorrow will be a little cooler.

A big personal thanks from all the Directors of Torrs Hydro New Mills to all those involved with yesterdays Big Lift exercise and in particular Chris, Yvette and their team from Western Renewable Energy.

An equally big thanks to the people of New Mills and shareholders for your patience - 8:30am came and went and soon turned into 11:30am as our driver took a somewhat slow scenic route to New Mills - but it was well worth waiting for !

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