Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Thats a lot of water in that river ! - (25/06)

A somewhat bizarre picture with a flying JCB and workforce with heads poking out of the water.

I know its stating the obvious but since breaking through the river wall at the bottom end of the turbine there sure is a lot of water about !

Now the debris has been cleared and the depth of the channel is correct a new 'stronger' coffer dam will have to be put in place to hold back the millions of litres of water that crash over the Torr weir each day - and thats a whole lot of water to hold back !

Next on the jobs to be done this week include starting to build the exit archway (this will look like a masterpiece when completed) and to concrete the fish pass so that the aluminium ladder can be put in pace to allow our trout and salmon to head up river towards Hayfield on the Sett or towards Whaley Bridge on the Goyt.

Carefully being moved into position the frame for the stone archway.

My thanks go to Alan Jennings for these great pictures.

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