Saturday, 29 November 2008

Thank you ! - (29/11)

What a great day !

It started off at 9:00am this morning down in the Torrs putting up the Christmas tree in a temperature of -4oC (and it didn't get much warmer down there during the day.

The AGM was a fantastic event, with some great involvement form our shareholders with some excellent questions which we hope we answered as best we could - we think there were approx 110 who attended and about a third of those came down to the site afterwards for one of the guided tours.

Lets also take this 'blog' as an opportunity to welcome our new Directors to the board, the full list of Directors is now as follows and we will do some more in depth 'interviews' of them over the next week or so :

Sean Whewell - current
Richard Body - current
Esther Jones - current
Maggies Cole - current
Will Griffin - new
Lorrie Marchington - new
Simon Clayton - new
Mary Cohen - new

Till Geiger will be stepping down as a Director but will continue to be involved with the scheme as well as help in wrapping up any loose ends from the first year of operation of the scheme.

We will post the motions discussed and voted upon as well as additional requested detail here on the blog and on teh web site later in the week.

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