Friday, 28 November 2008

AGM reminder - (26/11)

With the Torrs Hydro Christmas Tree due to be switched on this Saturday (on the same day as our first AGM) it looks already like many of our existing shareholders have also been getting into the Christmas mood in the response to the Torrs Hydro 'Invitation to Invest' - remember existing shareholders can increase their shareholding and if you hold a minimum of £500 you are able to claim a 20% tax credit at the end of this tax year which is a great return in year one of any investment.
You may want to also consider using Torrs Hydro shares as an easy to wrap 'green' present for a loved one !

As a reminder Saturdays AGM starts at 11:00am on Saturday in the Revival Church in New Mills and you will also have an opportunity to visit the site afterwards.

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