Saturday, 29 November 2008

Leaping fish... - (29/11)

Some more good news !

We have secured funding with the Environment Agency to turn the Sycamore tree overlooking the Archimedes screw into two leaping fish (a brown trout often seen in the river and a salmon which will hopefully soon be seen in the river)

Sometime in January/early February, work will start on the tree, which has recently been heavily lopped in preparation - the work itself will be great to watch with our artist using chain saws and a cherry picker to change the tree into a piece of art.

Given the location of the tree (overlooking the weir) it will be a great spectacle to watch being transformed and for visitors to admire in years to come.


Children of Lewin said...

Is this a dead tree that's being carved or is it a perfectly healthy tree?

Sean Whewell said...

Its a tree that is pulling away the river wall (self seeded Sycamore) and permission was requested by the Town Council to have it removed.

Rather than just take it down to a stump it will be turned into a piece of art that I am sure everyone will love for years to come.