Saturday, 1 November 2008

Invitation to Invest - (02/11)

Over the coming weeks Torrs Hydro New Mills will be landscaping, walling, fencing, gravelling and paving the area around 'Archie' in the Torrs Riverside Park - This will make the area safer and certainly more amenable and accessible to the public.

Work is expected top be completed by the end of January 2009, more details on the exact schedule of works towards the end of next week, but suffice to say it will look fantastic when completed and may even have a fish theme to it !

Everything though comes with a cost and this landscaping is not inconsiderable as far as costs go, but we are sure the end product will be worthwhile.

Many people passing 'Archie' have asked how can they get involved either as volunteers or financially - its quite simple :

If you live locally and wish to volunteer your services (activities will be varied I can assure you) then please email , Sean will then get in touch and add you to his 'volunteers' list.

If you wish to become a shareholder in the UK's first community owned renewable energy scheme (great Christmas present for someone !) or increase your current shareholding in Torrs Hydro New Mills so that you take advantage of the 20% tax break that will be active this year for our scheme then please email , Richard will then send you a copy of our 'Invitation to Invest' which details the options currently open to you.

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