Monday, 3 November 2008

October - electricity produced - (03/11)

Production days 26.75 Non production days 4.25
1 days shutdown due to HSE request (1/10 to 2/10),
2 days shutdown due to high water (5 to 6/10)
0.25 days shutdown due to planned maintenance (16/10)
1 days shutdown due to high water, sluice gate sticking (27/10)

Total electricity produced 25.3 MWh
945.8 kWh average per production day (26.75), 816.1 kWh average per calendar day (31)
39.4 kW per hour per production day (26.75), 34.0 kW per hour per calendar day (31)

Daily - ongoing manual and visual system checks, ad hoc intake and fish pass clearing and bi-weekly mechanical checks and greasing performed by New Mills volunteers
16 October - Oil change completed with WRE and Mann Power Ltd, rubber fish protection buffers added to screw blades, control system software updated
27 October - Hydraulic pump pressure increased

So far Torrs Hydro New Mills has produced over 38 MWh of electricity which is the equivalent of 26 diesel trains full of passengers running from New Mills to Manchester and back !

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