Thursday, 25 September 2008

What a busy 24 hours - (September 25)

Its all happening at the moment - such a busy 24 hours.

The old road up to Rock Tavern pub has had some really good improvements made to it in time for this weekends Lantern Procession (more on that later), last nights presentation and question and answer session was brilliant and such a great turn out and some brilliant questions - my favourite one being 'Are you all local or foreigners ?' - We were all proud to state that we are all local !

Then this morning a visit en masse from The Environment Agency to discuss the scheme now it is live and for us all to understand who does what in the Environment Agency - I for one was amazed at the depth of their organisation with over 10,000 employees - so today in the group of 10 or more we had Geomorphologists to talk about how river beds evolve and what we should expect in the Rivers Sett and Goyt, several fisheries experts (we even found out we have Otters as close by as Whaley Bridge and Mink even closer by), weir experts, fish pass experts, people who deal with abstraction of water - you name them and they were here so many thanks to them all for showing such an interest and we look forward to working with you all in the future.

... that's not forgetting the large number of visitors (ramblers, schools etc) who are continually passing through on a daily basis - its great to meet you all !

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