Tuesday, 9 September 2008

The rain came down... (09/09)

Well summer came and went and just as it was leaving left a deluge of rain across the country with 68 flood warnings in place on Sunday.

New Mills was no exception with torrential rain throughout Friday evening and Saturday causing the rivers Sett and Goyt to rise alarmingly.

The Hydro system worked as planned and the 'head' sensors detected too much water and automatically shut the system down as planned.

After several hours of removing washed down debris from the river - bike, shopping trolley, microwave oven to name but a few - the system was started up again only to be hit by another deluge later in the weekend.

All systems were go again by Sunday afternoon with excellent maintenance support to THNM by WRE and on site by in New Mills by Mann Power Consulting to assist in performing system checks and advise on the clearance of the intake.

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