Friday, 5 September 2008

Torrs Hydro New Mills - (06/09)

Just less than 6 months ago we started to create Torrs Hydro New Mills, as of Thursday afternoon last week we pressed the 'on' button and that means we are now creating renewable energy for New Mills.

WRE who have worked long and hard over that period finished the commissioning exercise and have now handed the 'keys to the door' over to Torrs Hydro New Mills Ltd.

Daily Operational checks are being undertaken to ensure smooth running of the screw.

So far the screw has produced just over 1 Megawatt hour of power which is the equivalent of over ten thousand light bulbs running for an hour !

Bit of education for any fellow geeks out there :
A Megawatt-hour (MWh) is : 1 megawatt acting over a period of 1 hour. One megawatt-hour is equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours or 1 million watt-hours. The primary difference between a megawatt and a megawatt-hour is that “megawatt” measures the capacity of an electric generator and “megawatt-hour” measures the actual amount of electricity it produces over a certain period of time.


nicky.burgess said...

Well done on getting the project up and running, with all this rain it is the perfect time to start generating electricity - if we keep getting weather like this we should be able to power all of New Mills off it!

Sean Whewell said...

Hi Nicky - your right - rain, rain and more rain !!

We have now produced over 2MWh of electricity in the first couple of days which is great news.

Director, Torrs Hydro New Mills