Thursday, 11 September 2008

Messing about in the river... (11/09)

The original Torr Mill on the site of Torrs Hydro

Those passing through the Torrs in the last couple of days may be wondering what has been happening in the river beside the Torrs Hydro.

Following last weekends storms and heavy rains throughout the country large deposits of 'rubbish' ended up in the area around the weir - bikes, microwave oven, shopping trolley, logs, even an old mill stone which has been donated to the New Mills Heritage Centre.

Over the past two days Sean and Till (two of the Directors of Torrs Hydro New Mills) have been up to chests in water removing the debris which improves the flow of water to the screw and in doing so increased the output of electricity to the New Mills Co-op.

Its not expected that this activity will become a regular occurrence, but next time it does we will be asking local volunteers for assistance to speed the process up - so be prepared to get your feet wet !

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