Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The rains cometh - (30/09)

Well it was a long time in coming (over three weeks) but now we have rain at last.

Over the past three weeks we have seen the amount of water coming down the Rivers Sett and Goyt gradually reduce due to the lack of rainfall.

As the amount of available water reduces the automatic control system in the engine house manages the flow to ensure we have a constant minimum of 31mm going over the weir at all times - the rest can be used by the screw to create renewable energy.

The amount of electricity produced also falls when the river levels drop, but as the rains started again earlier today and the River Sett began to rise again so did the amount of electricity being produced and had risen this evening by 4KW compared with this afternoons figures (that's about four houses worth)
Looking at this weeks forecast I think we may get close to full power by Thursday afternoon !

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