Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Where does all that energy come from ? - (02/07)

The Torrs Hydro New Mills Archimedes screw will be fed from just above the Torr weir on the Rover Goyt, just a few metres after it has been met by the Rover Sett.

Theres a lot of water in the River Goyt and theres a lot of water needed to turn our screw.

The current local measuring station for the Goyt is at Marple Bridge and was installed in 1969.

Since then 3.8 million million (3.8 x 10 ^12 or 3,800,000,000,000) litres of water have flowed over Torrs weir.

Summer of '76 - the minimum daily amount was on 26th August 1976 when 29,548,800 litres flowed over in one day.

Winter of '91 - and the most was on 21st December 1991 when 5,158,080,000 litres sloshed over the weir crest.

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