Friday, 4 July 2008

Project update - (05/07)

The fish pass in place and soon to be used by the fish of the River Goyt

Well the fish down stream in the River Goyt will be pleased to know that their fish ladder is assembled, fixed to the mortar and firmly concreted in - its a strange contraption but we are assured by those with far better fish knowledge than me that it will soon mean we have fish travelling upstream from the weir into the Rivers Goyt and Sett.

The stone archway over the exit continues to make steady progress and looks really good - just try and imagine how long it took the Victorians to build Union Road bridge.
The environment agency also visited this week and expressed their overall happiness on the project and were genuinely impressed with the efforts of everyone as well as the organisation of THNM and the scale of the project which has been taken on which reflects well all those involved.

Chris and Yvette of Western Renewable Energy

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