Friday, 25 July 2008

Project update - (24/07)

Well a change in the weather in the past 48 hours has made a welcome change for everyone.

A good week for progress, especially tasks that although they may not take a large amount of time to complete they are in themselves often a culmination of weeks of effort - for example removing the spacers from the screw and actually seeing it turn properly for the first time (albeit manually for the time being). The engine house continues to make steady progress and already looks like it was part of the original mill buildings and will be finished off with a nice slate roof. Also this week the sluice at the top end of the screw has been lifted into position, this will be controlled automatically and will be lowered to adjust water levels into the screw.

Next week work will continue on clearing and concreting the intake area and the build on the engine house.

Pictures to follow...

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