Friday, 11 July 2008

Project update - (11/07)

Chris concretes in the generator/gearing between the showers

An ideal week if you like rain, but not so ideal for pouring concrete or building walls - nevertheless the team have made good progress this week with the following key tasks having been undertaken :

Final positioning of the screw and connection to the gearing/generator - perhaps only single line items on a project plan but these tasks were the culmination of weeks of effort as ordinarily the screw would have been lifted directly into place rather than having to be manoevered in, lowered, slid into place, readjusted because of the face the weight restriction challenges we have had in The Torrs, completion of the river wall archway and also discussions with the Town Council over how the area will be landscaped once the project is completed

The final pieces are put in place above the arch leaving a transformed river wall - Ray Meares would be proud of the improvisation with the tarpaulin

Next week will see the start of the build of the engine house and also the careful pouring concrete down the sides of the Torrs Hydro screw.

Vorsprung durch Technik

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