Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Western Renewable Energy (WRE) - (03/07)

Hats off to WRE !
Chris, Yvette (left and second left) and the rest of the Torrs Hydro team.

I'm sure anyone who has passed the construction site in the past few months has either seen or spoken to Chris and Yvette, so just to give you a bit of background into what they do.

Western Renewable Energy (WRE Ltd) is run by a husband and wife team specialising in hydro-power. Chris & Yvette Elliott have been designing and installing hydro-electric schemes across the UK for three years and are now in New Mills working at The Torrs.

WRE’s involvement in Torrs Hydro began over 12 months ago with input into the planning permission and abstraction application processes involved in getting the hydro scheme off the ground.

This was followed by the general planning of what is a quite complicated build given the access difficulties, archaeology, storm water sewer and requirement for a fish pass which needed much consideration.

At the beginning of March 2008 construction began, with Chris and Yvette on-site daily, sourcing local suppliers and managing the build, which is expected to be generating electricity in mid-August.

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