Wednesday, 3 December 2008

November electricity produced - (04/12)

November : Monthly summary
Production days 27 Non production days 3
2.5 days shutdown due to brake/sluice and power disconnect issues (10-11/11),
0.5 days shutdown due to electrical disconnects (16/11)

Total electricity produced 24.2 MWh
896.3 kWh average per production day (27), 806.6 kWh average per calendar day (30)
37.4 kW per hour per production day (27), 33.6 kW per hour per calendar day (30)

Daily - ongoing manual and visual system checks, adhoc intake and fish pass clearing and bi-weekly mechanical checks and greasing performed by New Mills volunteers – additional intake clearing was required in November due to the amount of falling leaves
10-11 November – Replacement PCB supplied and tested after brake/power disconnect issues
16 November – tested auto shutdown.


In December we will be starting our landscaping project and also connecting the engine house to the New Mills Heritage Centre to allow a remote view of what is happening with the screw.

So far (December 4) since the screw started it has produced over 63 MWh of electricity.

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