Monday, 8 December 2008

Introductions - Wil Grifin - (09/12)

Over the next couple of weeks I'll introduce the new team that was voted in at this years AGM - we're a mixed bag to say the least, but with a combination of skills to build on the success of 2008 - firstly let me introduce Will Griffin with a few of his own words :

"I am delighted New Mills has the hydro scheme because it can be used to promote renewable energy. I have worked as a ranger since 1989 on project management, environmental education and site care work. I volunteer for “Sticky Exhibits”, a company that promotes renewable energy and acts as a library of environmental displays and models."

Will (I'm very pleased to say) is a 'hands on' chap and is already sharing in the daily system checks down at the screw.

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Anonymous said...

You have got yourself a diamond geezer there; Will Griffin has always been committed to the environment and to making the world a better place. Well done!