Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Can you help ? (14/12)

Our friends up at Settle who are attempting to install a similar community run Hydro scheme would like some assistance in convincing their local planning department of the ongoing benefits of such schemes; renewable energy, benefits to community projects, a positive additional focus on local rivers, attracting many new visitors to name but a few - the main concerns in the initial planning rejection relate to the fish population - considerable testing in controlled environments has taken place with no negative impact to the fish population.

Below is the link where you can add your comments to help support the scheme :-


Ann Harding who is Chair of Settle Hydro says,

"If you have 60 seconds to spare could you please, please, follow the link above and
register your comments in support of the Settle Hydro Planning application. WE NEED
AS MANY AS POSSIBLE , as soon as possible, so please forward to anyone else on your
address list who may help .

That is, of course, if you believe in clean green electricity, produced in a
sustainable safe way (its very very very safe for the fishes too), with minimal
visual impact (all you'll see is a small stone clad building the size of a garden
shed - the screw is near the mill race - not in the middle of the river or on the
fish pass!!) tackling CO2 emissions, and with a fair division of profits between
shareholders and community. Please support this project which isn't just asking for
more and more grant and public money - but making a positive sustainable
business which will support other projects for tens of years to come.

If you don't do anything else for the world this Christmas please do this!!"

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