Monday, 6 October 2008

River Sett - (06/10)

Last week we covered the main artery into Torrs Hydro the River Goyt and today we will cover the smaller River Sett which although smaller can rose and fall much quicker than the Goyt.

A relatively short river of less than ten miles the River Sett is flows through the High Peak borough of Derbyshire, in north western England. It rises near Edale Cross on Kinder Scout and flows through the villages of Hayfield and Birch Vale to join the River Goyt at New Mills. The river traditionally was used by many of the mills and businesses along the river and once it had flowed off Kinder was quite polluted, this has now changed and the Sett is home to many fish and fresh water birds.

Because of its catchment area of the Kinder plateau the river can be extremely peaty and carries large amounts of silt on its journey down to the Goyt, the river can also rise very quickly and even in the past week has been seen to rise 9-12 inches in 30-45 minutes.

Where the Sett and Goyt meet just above the weir you can see a noticeable difference in the colours of the river.

The River Sett flowing through the centre of Hayfield

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