Thursday, 2 October 2008

The name game - (4/10)

We've talked for many weeks now of finding a suitable name for our screw and we now have a list of contenders - if you look to the right hand side of the blog you will see where you are able to vote for them, so here goes and in no particular order :-

Nathem (New Archimidean Torrs Hydro Electric Mills' Screw) suggested By Ron Toothill
Old Mill Water Powerhouse by anon
Archie suggested by Lloyd Hanlon, Ranger Will and Sean
Portunus - The Roman River God - suggested by Vera L Mellor
Threadtastik - suggested by Aaron Sabate age 12
Archi suggested by Denise Dugdale
Twister suggested by Denise Dugdale
Archie Medes suggested by Bill Owen

I'm not sure on a suitable prize for the winner yet, perhaps they get to crack open the bottle of champagne (or something a bit more environmentally friendly) when we have a naming ceremony !
We will keep the voting open for a couple of weeks - so get voting !

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