Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fencing - (01/10)

No entry - (not really...)

We've been listening to many voices over the last couple of weeks on the aspect of health and safety and in particular how the fencing will look when the site is completed.

Some of you where aghast at the thought of a high security fence around the site (as where we...), but our main concern has to be one of health and safety.

With that in mind we have agreed a two stage approach to safety and fence in and around the screw : Tomorrow morning, if it ever stops raining, some temporary (not pretty, but it does the job) fencing will be erected directly around the tail race of the screw which the HSE agree mitigates any immediate danger - this will be in place until we install some panelling to cover the tail race.

Secondary to that over the next few weeks we will install a boundary fence at the top of the existing slope to run from near to the existing black fence to just before the engine house - this will be dual purpose in marking the boundary between the 'access' and 'no access' areas whilst also enabling visitors to still see the screw in motion, the final piece of fencing will mitigate any risk to the public near to the screw intake.

We have always planned a fence and where working with the Town Council and planners to install this but have had to move this forward more quickly as a handful of passersby had voiced their concern to the HSE and High Peak Borough safety officers.

We believe, as do the HSE, we have reached a good compromise in keeping the site visible whilst also covering our health and safety obligations to the public.

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