Sunday, 31 August 2008

Torrs Hydro in action - (31/08)

As we approach the handover of Torrs Hydro New Mills from project into production, all the hard work is just about completed, commissioning has been successful to date and the Archimedes screw has connectivity to the New Mills Co-op and the National Grid.

The picture below shows the screw running at approximately 30% of capacity - this is governed automatically by the river level with the sluice gate being adjusted to ensure that an agreed level of water goes over the weir - the more water (not unusual for New Mills) the more electricity is produced.

Also a quick glimpse inside the control room of Torrs Hydro - its hardly Star Trek, but the control systems ensure the correct amount of water is flowing at all times and will automatically shut down the screw and sluice gate if a problem should ever arise.

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