Thursday, 7 August 2008

Petition to the Prime Minister - (08/08)

Not only are we installing a Hydro Electric scheme in New Mills we are also trying to assist other schemes around the country and companies who work in the sector (WPE, WRE for example) by lobbying Parliament for a change in current legislation around renewable energy.

We have set up an e-petition and kindly invite everyone to sign the petition to raise awareness on the current financial inbalance for renewable energy schemes that produce more than 50KWh.

To sign the petition please click on the link below - the wording of the petition is set out in full below the link :

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to please urgently review the current legislation of the Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) which will undoubtedly restrict the growth of medium sized hydro electricity projects in the UK.

Under the current legislation for ROCs, micro generators of renewable energy of less than 50kw would be eligible for double ROC payments.

The site we are developing in New Mills, Derbyshire is capable of generating 63-70kw of power.

If the benefit of the double ROCs is restricted to generating less than 50kw, it makes commercial sense for us to install a smaller scheme or to restrict our plant to 50kw generating less renewable energy in the fight against climate change and the move to a future using renewable energy.

We would appreciate it if you could consider that small generators of renewable energy will be eligible to claim double ROCs on a proportion of the renewable energy they generate (i.e. double ROCs on the first 50kW) and single ROCs on the remainder.

Your support would help the success of our scheme in New Mills (the first community run scheme in the UK) and assist in other like minded schemes throughout the UK.

For further background info on ROCs please view the governments OFGEM web site.

Thank you

Torrs Hydro New Mills Ltd

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