Saturday, 24 May 2008

Just two weeks till the 'Big Lift' - (24/05)

Well the walls are built and have emerged from their shuttering and will soon be home to the Torrs Hydro Archimedes screw.

With only two weeks until the Big Lift (Sunday 8 June) - the next couple of weeks will see the site transform in readiness to lower the screw down from the Union Road bridge (no mean feat in itself) and then into its home for decades to come.

Those wanting to see the lift will have to be reasonably early risers as the screw is set to be delivered at 8:30am and then start to be lowered down into the Torrs within the hour - road closures are set to list until midday as a contingency.

Those wishing to still volunteer as crowd marshalls should try and join a meeting in New Mills Town Hall at 6:00pm Monday 2 June to discuss requirements for the Big Lift day.

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