Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Giant Meccano with fish and chips - (14/5)

No longer an artists impression - part of the rebuilt river wall.

Yesterday I spent another day working with the Chris, Yvette and the team down at the Torrs Hydro yesterday and great fun it was too - but hard work for an office type like me !

Main job for the day was continuing to build the shuttering which will enable the concrete to be poured to build the side walls of our concrete bunker.

The shuttering is very much like a giant Meccano kit but takes tow people to lift and manoeuvre each section and then fits together with various clamps, pins and other heavy duty bits and pieces - its then all drilled into the concrete base to ensure that when the concrete is poured we end up with a perfectly straight wall that matches the original drawings.

We worked that hard in the morning that a 'Crispy Cod' fish and chip lunch was just what the doctor ordered to sustain us through the afternoon.

Home sweet home - site base for the Torrs Hydro team.

Top view of the shuttering

The gap between the shuttering which will soon become a reinforced concrete wall.

Drilling the supporting props into the concrete base.

Props, scaffolding, clamps and other assorted Meccano !

The inside of the bunker soon to house the Archimedes screw

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