Monday, 12 January 2009

Updates - (12/01)

After the Winter drought and the much welcomed thaw the rivers Sett and Goyt have risen to expected levels for this time of year and this afternoon 'Archie' was producing 48 kW per hour.

Further rain expected in the morning should see this rise to be 50-51 kW by lunch time tomorrow following some work last week in removing silt form the tail race end of the screw.

The landscaping project is back in full swing despite recent weather conditions and the new wall should be completed by the end of this week (its currently hidden behind tarpaulins to protect the mortar from the elements !


Peter said...

How can you have kW per hour? Shouldn't it be just kW? or, if you want to give a daily figure then kW-hours per day?

Sean Whewell said...

Your quite right Peter its kWh.