Friday, 30 January 2009

Outage - (29/1)

An update on the outage we have had earlier this week which at the same time allowed us to perform some remedial work on the limit switches that control the sluice gate.

In the early hours of Monday morning the generator disconnected from the National Grid, it does this as a precaution when the voltage on the grid doe snot match the voltage we produce.

Unfortunately due to an issue we had with the sluice gate limit switches caused Archie to 'free wheel' which in turn caused a drive belt between the gearbox and generator to deteriorate.

It was all hands to the pumps whilst we replaced the drive belt and resolved the limit switch issues with excellent team work from LSP, Mann Power consulting and our friends at WRE.

We have also had a lot of visitors to the site, Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly arranged by h2OPE as part of their advice and information sessions held in Manchester for other groups thinking of going down the same the same route as Torrs Hydro.

The Co-op Group also visited with energy managers from Co-operatives around the country for whom they purchase power and help with strategies to reduce energy use and carbon footprint.

Archie is now running smoothly again.

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