Thursday, 17 April 2008

Digging below water - (17/04)

Chris, Yvette and Will enjoying the New Mills sunshine...

Excavation hits bedrock below river level

The excavation has continued well over the last few days and we are now digging below the level of the river with about one metre to go before we get to the target depth. Having removed the subsoil and remnants of Torr Mill we have now hit bedrock which means slightly different digging techniques and the use of a 'pecker' on the JCB which literally does what it says it does - pecks away at the bedrock.
Although we are now below the water line seepage into the site is remarkably low, but just in case we have a sump to fill and a pump draining what little water there is.

The original 'exit' tunnel from Torr Mill water wheel

Other finds during this weeks excavation include some of the original water wheel (Chris is going to use his maths skills to work out how big the full wheel would have been) and also one of the original tunnels leading from the water wheel for some distance before branching left towards the river.

Bricked up 'entrance' from the river to the water wheel

Remains of the Torr Mill water wheel


Anonymous said...

Just thought that I would show you my YouTube video of the new mills dig :o)

Sean Whewell said...

Ken - hope you dont mind if I use it on the blog for all to see ?