Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Brian the archaelogist - (02/04)

The site where the Torrs Hydro plant will be situated used to be home to Torr Mill which was destroyed by fire in 1912. Some of the original walls and low level doorways and windows still exist and have been part of the Torrs for many years and give a great insight into New Mills' industrial heritage.

As part of the excavation needed for the Hydro project we have a unique opportunity to accurately record information on parts of the mill that have been covered up for nearly a century.

As Western Renewable Energy ( carefully excavate the area, Brian the archaelogist sketches, photographs, measures and records the lower areas of the mill - these areas are currently viewable from the bridge adjacent to the construction site.
Excavation to find the original mill floor
Uncovered for the first time in decades Torr Mill

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