Monday, 19 August 2013

New Mills Festival '13 - Lantern Parade

One of the highlights of the New Mills calendar (and Torrs Hydro calendar) is when thousands of people parade past Archie during the New Mills festival.

Each year the town is transformed by thousands (5,000+ last year) of people who have spent weeks making amazing lanterns - they parade through the Torrs riverside park at dusk and this year will finish on Market Street where they will be thoroughly entertained entertained and surrounded by a festival of food and drink !

All of this is free t anyone who wants to attend - but its obviously not free to organise - the cost of insuring an event like this would make most people say 'how much !!'

Fortunately we are surrounded by amazing local people and festival goers who help to make this a reality with their fund raising activities - this year we are also going 'digital' to allow those who do enjoy the festival but arent close enough to help raise funds to make a small donation - we have nearly reached our target and with your help we can get on with the important stuff of actually helping you to enjoy yourselves during the festival - all you have to do is click on the link and donate anything from a £1 - the more you give the more you get back as gifts - just click and you'll see what we mean

New Mills Lantern Parade

Archie will also be transformed with his own light show so do take a look as you walk over the bridge