Monday, 16 March 2009

Invitation to invest - (16/03)

Well maybe not a wartime your country needs you - although the renewable energy New Mills is creating is helping reduce the amount needing to be created by carbon fuels.
Many visitors to New Mills and to Torrs Hydro have asked how do they become more involved with this ground breaking scheme - well there are two ways :

If you wish to become a shareholder in the UK's first community owned renewable energy scheme or increase your current shareholding in Torrs Hydro New Mills so that you take advantage of the 20% tax break that will be active this year for our scheme then please email , Richard will then send you a copy of our 'Invitation to Invest' which details the options currently open to you

Alternatively if you don't wish to be involved by owning part of the scheme and want to get your hands wet (literally at some times of the year) then please send an email to - volunteers will sometimes be required to help 'tidy up' after we have sever deluges of rain (probably 3-4 times a years based on experiences from the last 6 months) or to perform adhoc maintenance work (e.g. replace a roof tile on the engine house for example!) - the pay is poor (zero) but the rewards are plentiful in being part of the UK's first community owned renewable energy scheme

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