Sunday, 22 February 2009

Landscaping - (21/2)

Almost 12 months ago we started to create what has now become Torrs Hydro New Mills. The transformation has been amazing, from archaeological discovery, to muddy hole, then some amazing engineering with lots of concrete and A frames - followed then by our first electricity in September 2008 and then over recent weeks the landscaping project which is all but completed.

None of us will miss the temporary fences which were a bit of an eyesore, but a necessity whilst the fencing and stonework was completed - we hope everyone will agree the area has now become another focal point in New Mills drawing visitors from far and wide.

Many people passing by and those who have been given tours of the site have asked how you can get involved in the project - later in the week we will remind you how you can purchase the few remaining shares and become part of the UK's first community owned hydro electricity scheme.

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